Golf today is some of the most exciting and competitive golf I have seen in my young lifetime. We’re in an incredible time for this sport. Although Tiger is not Tiger he has been replaced by a bunch of young talent from across the globe. We’re seeing these golfers each take turns with the crown that was once held by Woods for so long. There is no, one dominating force taking the lead because the talent is just too good. Just look at the top 10 golfers in the world right now; you have, Jason Day, Dustin Johnson, Rory, Spieth, Henrik Stenson, Adam Scott, Bubba, Patrick Reed, Rickie Fowler, and Justin Rose (who just won gold at the Olympics).

Just the top 4 alone is incredible with talent. Rory McIlroy currently has 3 majors and is an otherworldly young talent. When his game is on nobody can beat him. Rory reminds me most of a younger Tiger just based on raw talent. Then you have Jordan Spieth who is America’s answer to Rory. It’s difficult to say who is better right now between Rory and Spieth. Spieth is amazing with the flat stick and has that Tiger-esque flair for the dramatic. Have I referred back to Tiger enough yet? Sorry, but growing up watching him and playing Tiger Woods video games does that to people. Seeing Rory and Spieth compete for major championship dominance for their careers is going to be a lot of fun. But just wait a minute, there is so much other talent behind them nipping at their heels.


Jason Day is just wow. I was worried that Jason Day was going to have a Sergio-like career where he was a major talent on the tour that just couldn’t break through. But Jason ended up smashing through that glass ceiling and finally has the global recognition he deserves. Jason Day doesn’t have that prodigy stamp that Spieth and McIlroy have but it doesn’t matter. This dude is a straight up fighter on the golf course, and I’m pissed I can’t see that talent on display in the Ryder Cup. Many of the courses they have played at are now on my bucket list.

Then you have Dustin Johnson with a similar label of the guy that could never win a major. He’s gotten that monkey off his back as well and seems to finally believe in himself in clutch situations. This guy blow you away with his raw power off the tee, but all of us long hitters know that distance on the tee doesn’t get you as much as you want on the scorecard. He’s worked hard to make sure his entire game is elite.

What does that mean for us golf fans moving forward? It means nothing but amazing finishes and incredible major tournaments. Unfortunately it also means that we will never come close to being as good as them in the game we love. But at least we can crack open a beer, crash on the couch, and watch this immaculate talent battle back and forth for major championships and crown as world’s best golfer.