We have been receiving a steady stream of questions concerning the progress of our leisure club ever since we announced it via the bulletin last month. Thanks to everyone who is involved and it’s great to see so many people getting excited. We are also excited to open the doors to you all and our team is doing their very best to take everything into consideration.

To help everyone out and to provide a bit more clarity, we have answered the most common questions below.

What is the ‘leisure club’?

The leisure club is an area on the exisiting garden of the club that will be built as a space for members to relax at the club. It will include a few amenities like a cafe, and seating area with movies and game consoles and a games room an air hockey table. Please note that we haven’t purchased the air hockey table yet and are open to any suggestions – if anyone knows anything about the best air hockey table please let us know. Preferably one from this list on gameroommania.com.

Will there be a charge to enter?

There will be no charge for members to enter the leisure room. The only exception to this is when there are special events held. However, these will be posted on the bulletin board so you will always be aware whenever this is the case.

Who can enter? Is there an age limit?

At the present time, only members will be able to enter. We foresee sending vouchers to members each year that allow particular family members to enter.

There is no age limit, however, some events may include alcohol in which case entry will only be permitted for members over the age of 21.

When will the doors open?

At the moment, work is slow. Doors are set to open towards the end of 2019, but there could be a further delay pending funds. This is why it’s so important to pay for your membership on time. Help us help you!

If you have any other questions that are unanswered, please contact us here.


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