Living in the 21st century can feel like a giant car crash with all of the ridiculous things we see going on in the world. One of the unfortunate consequences of the internet is that we’re exposed to basically every terrible thing that happens on the globe captured by a cell phone camera. But cynics like me need to work on seeing the bright side of life and one of the great consequences that has come from the technology boom is an increase in golfing technology, and the extent of this can been seen in China’s golf. This has resulted in of the best golf rangefinders becoming available now.

This blog is dedicated to the weekend and twilight golfers looking for a cheap option that can help lower their scores. This is for the blue-collar golfers, the one’s who play twilight until it’s so dark they can’t see the ball the instant it comes off the club. If you have already personally invested into a golf GPS or laser, congratulations, you’re all good to go, have fun subtracting 10 strokes off your score. There is no doubt that the best golf GPS or laser rangefinder can help lower your score. However, if you are looking for cheaper options then look no further than your smartphone (I’m assuming you have one because it’s 2016). There are a bountiful of golf apps available for free download that will give you golf GPS on your smartphone. Most of these apps are relatively the same in their capabilities so today I will be highlighting the Golf Shot app that I personally use.


The great thing about the Golf Shot app is one, it’s free. But more importantly, it gives an accurate distance reading as to how far you are from the hole. Thousands of golf courses around the world have been pre-loaded onto the app, and for those wondering if their dinky little course in the middle of nowhere is on there, it most likely is. Playing cheap and lesser known courses has been my bread and butter since I was born and I haven’t run into an issue of a course not being on the app yet. The cool thing about the app is that you are able to keep your scores right in your pocket and it’s available at the touch of a finger. That’s what I like about these apps when compared to just the GPS. Yes, the laser GPS will give you a more accurate distance with less margin of error, however being able to keep track of your scores and how you scored will give you great insight to your golf game. With this app you are able to track how many times you three-putt, your up and down percentage, your percentage of GIR, percentage of fairways hit, etc. For golf nerds, like me, that enjoy analyzing stats and looking to see where they can improve, this is gold. I like it because I can then see where my game specifically needs work and also see where I’m doing well with statistics to back it up.

If you’re a golfer on a budget looking for a way to help improve your scores I would highly suggest checking out the Golf Shot app. You’ll have lower scores and less pencils rattling around in your golf bag because of it.


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