I did not grow up a country club kid. I’m a part of the new generation of golfers that weren’t always able to play. As a man, I will forge my own path and create my own wealth. Once I have real money, the golf courses I play will have to improve as well, and so will I (which I can do with the essential golf items). I’ve played two world renown courses thus far; they are Torrey Pines South Course in San Diego, CA (home of the 2008 U.S Open and host of the 2021 U.S Open) and The Country Club in Brookline, MA (home of the miraculous 1999 Ryder Cup and the 2022 U.S Open).

Both of these courses are world class and I am incredibly lucky to have golfed both of them. I wanted to share with you my short list for golf courses I want to golf someday and why each of these courses speak to me.


  1. Augusta National. Obviously the home of the Master’s is on my short list as I assume it’s on yours as well. Just seeing the course on TV every April is enough to put me in my happy place (Happy Gilmore reference). Obviously this would need some amazing connections and a little bit of luck to be able to play here. But putting it out there and willing it into existence is the first step of making the seemingly impossible happen.
  1. Andrew Golf Course. The number two on my list is one of the oldest golf courses in the world and basically the home of golf. I believe this is open to the public which makes it more of a possibility in my lifetime. My goal in the next five years is to make enough money to take my Dad and my brothers on vacation across the pond and play some of the oldest courses in the world with them. This would be the last one that we play.
  1. TPC at Sawgrass. As the host of the Player’s Championship every May, the TPC at Sawgrass is an amazing course. The layout of the holes is just incredible, and the finish of holes 17 and 18 would be amazing to play just on their own. If I happen to get my tee shot on the green on 17, I think I will take a bad shot on purpose just to have a golf ball hit by me sitting in that pond with golf balls hit by golf’s legends.
  1. Pebble Beach. Another incredibly famous course and host of the 2000 U.S Open. Pebble Beach is another beautiful course that sits right on the Pacific Ocean. I don’t know what it is but golf courses and the Pacific Ocean make a phenomenal combination. This is another public course so it’s in my sights as well.
  1. Legend Golf and Safari Resort. This South African course was in the papers (on the web technically but I like that saying and it shouldn’t die at the hands of technology) a few years ago because of its 19th The Xtreme 19th is a par 3 that is 391 yards to the pin. How in the hell can that be a par 3 if barely anyone can reach the green on the drive? Well it turns out you can reach the green. The tee box sits 400 yards above the green. And you actually have to take a helicopter to the tee box to hit your initial shot. Playing this course and specifically this hole would actually cross two bucket list items off for me by also flying in a helicopter.

Anyway, that is my top 5. This is not a top 5 best courses these are just the top 5 courses I want to play in my life. Get mad at it if I somehow screwed you by leaving out golf course X but I don’t care. This is my bucket list. For the non-trolls out there feel free to leave your top 5 bucket list courses in the comments.


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