Established in 1919, Bel-Marc has been referred to as the best kept secret in Northern Illinois. A private club with a small town atmosphere and friendly people make it easy to meet new friends and enjoy the numerous activities offered during the year. Strictly a golf and social club, Bel-Marc offers club living that is affordable for everyone.

Bel-Marc maintains limited golfing memberships providing a great environment for families and individuals to enjoy affordable golf at their own pace. Tee times are readily available for members and their guests. Bel-Marc is ideal for golfers who are just taking up the game to get out without the pressure of a public course. Become a member this season and take advantage of unlimited golf at some of the best prices in Northern Illinois.

But the reason I love this golf club differs from the reason others may love it. I have been attending this golf club for years. It started with my grandfather when I was a child, as I shared his love with golf. Funnily enough, I was the one that convinced my father to get involved with golf. So when I started joining my grandfather on the golf course, my father joined us too. I guess we could have become a golf family.


I have some great memories of the golf club. There have been many people come and go during the years I have been attending it, but I have always seen the same respectful staff and the same atmosphere that I remember. Through the club I learnt more about other clubs too and formed some passionate opinions on golf today and the in the future.

Although my grandfather is gone now, I know I will continue to come to this club with my own children and grandchildren right into my old age. I think they know, and I know, that I will be a long term patron to the club. I owe it to them. Join the club today, and come meet me for a game!


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