We have been receiving a steady stream of questions concerning the progress of our leisure club ever since we announced it via the bulletin last month. Thanks to everyone who is involved and it’s great to see so many people getting excited. We are also excited to open the doors to you all and our team is doing their very best to take everything into consideration.

To help everyone out and to provide a bit more clarity, we have answered the most common questions below.

What is the ‘leisure club’?

The leisure club is an area on the exisiting garden of the club that will be built as a space for members to relax at the club. It will include a few amenities like a cafe, and seating area with movies and game consoles and a games room an air hockey table. Please note that we haven’t purchased the air hockey table yet and are open to any suggestions – if anyone knows anything about the best air hockey table please let us know. Preferably one from this list on gameroommania.com.

Will there be a charge to enter?

There will be no charge for members to enter the leisure room. The only exception to this is when there are special events held. However, these will be posted on the bulletin board so you will always be aware whenever this is the case.

Who can enter? Is there an age limit?

At the present time, only members will be able to enter. We foresee sending vouchers to members each year that allow particular family members to enter.

There is no age limit, however, some events may include alcohol in which case entry will only be permitted for members over the age of 21.

When will the doors open?

At the moment, work is slow. Doors are set to open towards the end of 2019, but there could be a further delay pending funds. This is why it’s so important to pay for your membership on time. Help us help you!

If you have any other questions that are unanswered, please contact us here.


I think that something we can all agree on is that golf is a game that is constantly evolving and changing. But there are more developments than we may know. Not only do we have the latest technology to help us perfect our swing, we can also predict the weather and other variables with absolute accuracy. This begs the question, is there any skill left in the game of golf? I would argue there is but it does bring up an interesting argument.

I remember watching an episode of The Simpsons about the kids not wanting to do yard work. Instead they wanted to play video games. The next moment, they were playing a virtual yard work game. This was actually one of the predictions The Simpsons made of the future because now we really do have apps that allow us to do things like virtual yard work.

So what is the relevance to golf? We not only have apps to play golf on, but we actually do have virtual golf. You can swing a ball onto a wall and pretend you are really on the green playing a game of golf. So is this a problem? I do not think so. Some people may disagree with this, but I have my own reasons that I have listed below.


These virtual games give you a chance to work on perfecting your putt in a way like never before. Before this, we had to actually play on the green. The weather was irrelevant. If you want to practice how well you play golf, you had to be outside. We now have a chance to work on our putt like never before. The more people that can play a solid game of golf, the better out own skills will get. The game becomes more challenging and therefore more exciting when you do actually win.

Another thing that makes it great is those times when you just don’t have anyone else to play with. Sure, breaking a personal record can be great, but what about when you plateau? Sometimes you need that extra person to give you a kick in the butt. This is what virtual games have done for me.

My club of Bel-Marc have very recently obtained a virtual golf unit and it has been an absolute hit. Everyone enjoys using it can it is the start of a lot of conversations.

We are lucky to live in an age where we have the option of virtual games and I think everyone should be making full use of these to play as good as they can. Lets keep the game interesting!


I have been thinking about why I enjoy golf so much. I think it is fair to say that there is more to it than just the game itself. Sure, golf is a great game. It is the reason I am writing this post. But there is more to the why I love it than just the game itself.

I have never felt so part of a community as I have when I play golf. I have met some of the best friends I have ever had by playing golf. It is the only time that I really get outdoors and enjoy it. Rain or shine, I will play golf.

I have never really seen myself as having a true passion. I was always envious of those people that do. But golf has become my passion. It is something that I look forward to doing. I love reading about all the latest developments on www.golf.com and I love discussing all things golf.


Something else I love about golf is the equipment you can buy for it. I know this may seem like something odd to love, but I really enjoy buying essential golf items and keeping updated with the latest golf technology. It gives me something I enjoy to spend my money on. After all, it is my money. I worked hard for it and I should be able to spend it on whatever I see fit.

I will never stop playing golf. It is probably the only thing in my life that is certain and secure (sorry to my girlfriend but it is true). I have made some of the best friends of my life by playing golf. It keeps me active and gets me out of the house. What is there not to love about golf? I would love to find out.


I’m only 24 years old so I’m just going off of my young memory of what I’ve witnessed on TV. I’m sure there are many more moments I could have referenced before my time.

Flashback to 2008, it was the U.S Open at San Diego’s Torrey Pines. Tiger Woods had one of the gutsiest and greatest major championship wins in history. Not only was this win incredible with the way that he was able to come back but it added another degree with him being physically handicapped with his left knee destroyed. Tiger literally was unable to walk at times and each shot panned to him grimacing in pain and barely able to walk. Still Tiger persevered.

The entire tournament was a back and forth battle that saw a tight leaderboard and a lot of question marks throughout. Tiger had an incredible finish to take the lead going into the final round on Sunday. He was known for not relinquishing a lead in majors but his left knee was a huge question mark. The man could barely walk, how was he supposed to hold it together for another grueling 18 holes on Sunday and compete at a level that would win the U.S Open?


Sunday came and Tiger was not flashy, in fact he was proving everyone right thinking that he would not be able to stay in it. No one would blame Tiger for the fact that he couldn’t compete on one leg. However, Tiger Woods is no ordinary human being. Tiger did what he does best and he grinded it out. Everything came down to the 18th hole; a dead straight par 5 with a small pond protecting the front left part of the green. Tiger needed birdie to tie the clubhouse leader Rocco Mediate. Watching everything play out on live television I thought this was in the bag. Tiger on a par 5 with the pressure on? He’ll probably make an eagle and win it right here.

Not so fast, his drive went way left and he was stuck on the tee grimacing in pain. His second shot was a forced layup that he was not able to keep in the fairway. Now we have Tiger from about 100 yards out needing to get up and down from here to tie Rocco Mediate. The TV screens pan to Rocco doing his best not to show any emotion. He knows he is in a great position and feels he might actually dodge a bullet from Tiger on a Sunday, but he doesn’t want to count his chickens before they hatch. It is Tiger after all.

Tiger hits his third shot and lands it about 10-12 feet from the pin. He has a downhill sliding putt from left to right to take it to an 18 hole playoff on Monday (just what he needs with his knee). Everyone is on the edge of their seat. The entire audience is surrounding this small 18th green hoping to witness magic happen.With everything on the line and nothing left in the tank, Tiger steps up and slams the putt home. Torrey Pines went wild! Sixteen year old me was going crazy in my parent’s basement.

Tiger needed surgery on his knee and was done for the season after the U.S Open. Tiger still was able to persevere and beat Mediate in the 18 hole playoff the next day. Tiger on one leg was better than Rocco on two (sorry Rocco). It was such an incredible display of mental toughness and determination. It was the “Jordan Flu Game” of golf.

Unfortunately, who knew that would be the last major Tiger has won in 8 years.


Golf today is some of the most exciting and competitive golf I have seen in my young lifetime. We’re in an incredible time for this sport. Although Tiger is not Tiger he has been replaced by a bunch of young talent from across the globe. We’re seeing these golfers each take turns with the crown that was once held by Woods for so long. There is no, one dominating force taking the lead because the talent is just too good. Just look at the top 10 golfers in the world right now; you have, Jason Day, Dustin Johnson, Rory, Spieth, Henrik Stenson, Adam Scott, Bubba, Patrick Reed, Rickie Fowler, and Justin Rose (who just won gold at the Olympics).

Just the top 4 alone is incredible with talent. Rory McIlroy currently has 3 majors and is an otherworldly young talent. When his game is on nobody can beat him. Rory reminds me most of a younger Tiger just based on raw talent. Then you have Jordan Spieth who is America’s answer to Rory. It’s difficult to say who is better right now between Rory and Spieth. Spieth is amazing with the flat stick and has that Tiger-esque flair for the dramatic. Have I referred back to Tiger enough yet? Sorry, but growing up watching him and playing Tiger Woods video games does that to people. Seeing Rory and Spieth compete for major championship dominance for their careers is going to be a lot of fun. But just wait a minute, there is so much other talent behind them nipping at their heels.


Jason Day is just wow. I was worried that Jason Day was going to have a Sergio-like career where he was a major talent on the tour that just couldn’t break through. But Jason ended up smashing through that glass ceiling and finally has the global recognition he deserves. Jason Day doesn’t have that prodigy stamp that Spieth and McIlroy have but it doesn’t matter. This dude is a straight up fighter on the golf course, and I’m pissed I can’t see that talent on display in the Ryder Cup. Many of the courses they have played at are now on my bucket list.

Then you have Dustin Johnson with a similar label of the guy that could never win a major. He’s gotten that monkey off his back as well and seems to finally believe in himself in clutch situations. This guy blow you away with his raw power off the tee, but all of us long hitters know that distance on the tee doesn’t get you as much as you want on the scorecard. He’s worked hard to make sure his entire game is elite.

What does that mean for us golf fans moving forward? It means nothing but amazing finishes and incredible major tournaments. Unfortunately it also means that we will never come close to being as good as them in the game we love. But at least we can crack open a beer, crash on the couch, and watch this immaculate talent battle back and forth for major championships and crown as world’s best golfer.


I did not grow up a country club kid. I’m a part of the new generation of golfers that weren’t always able to play. As a man, I will forge my own path and create my own wealth. Once I have real money, the golf courses I play will have to improve as well, and so will I (which I can do with the essential golf items). I’ve played two world renown courses thus far; they are Torrey Pines South Course in San Diego, CA (home of the 2008 U.S Open and host of the 2021 U.S Open) and The Country Club in Brookline, MA (home of the miraculous 1999 Ryder Cup and the 2022 U.S Open).

Both of these courses are world class and I am incredibly lucky to have golfed both of them. I wanted to share with you my short list for golf courses I want to golf someday and why each of these courses speak to me.


  1. Augusta National. Obviously the home of the Master’s is on my short list as I assume it’s on yours as well. Just seeing the course on TV every April is enough to put me in my happy place (Happy Gilmore reference). Obviously this would need some amazing connections and a little bit of luck to be able to play here. But putting it out there and willing it into existence is the first step of making the seemingly impossible happen.
  1. Andrew Golf Course. The number two on my list is one of the oldest golf courses in the world and basically the home of golf. I believe this is open to the public which makes it more of a possibility in my lifetime. My goal in the next five years is to make enough money to take my Dad and my brothers on vacation across the pond and play some of the oldest courses in the world with them. This would be the last one that we play.
  1. TPC at Sawgrass. As the host of the Player’s Championship every May, the TPC at Sawgrass is an amazing course. The layout of the holes is just incredible, and the finish of holes 17 and 18 would be amazing to play just on their own. If I happen to get my tee shot on the green on 17, I think I will take a bad shot on purpose just to have a golf ball hit by me sitting in that pond with golf balls hit by golf’s legends.
  1. Pebble Beach. Another incredibly famous course and host of the 2000 U.S Open. Pebble Beach is another beautiful course that sits right on the Pacific Ocean. I don’t know what it is but golf courses and the Pacific Ocean make a phenomenal combination. This is another public course so it’s in my sights as well.
  1. Legend Golf and Safari Resort. This South African course was in the papers (on the web technically but I like that saying and it shouldn’t die at the hands of technology) a few years ago because of its 19th The Xtreme 19th is a par 3 that is 391 yards to the pin. How in the hell can that be a par 3 if barely anyone can reach the green on the drive? Well it turns out you can reach the green. The tee box sits 400 yards above the green. And you actually have to take a helicopter to the tee box to hit your initial shot. Playing this course and specifically this hole would actually cross two bucket list items off for me by also flying in a helicopter.

Anyway, that is my top 5. This is not a top 5 best courses these are just the top 5 courses I want to play in my life. Get mad at it if I somehow screwed you by leaving out golf course X but I don’t care. This is my bucket list. For the non-trolls out there feel free to leave your top 5 bucket list courses in the comments.


Living in the 21st century can feel like a giant car crash with all of the ridiculous things we see going on in the world. One of the unfortunate consequences of the internet is that we’re exposed to basically every terrible thing that happens on the globe captured by a cell phone camera. But cynics like me need to work on seeing the bright side of life and one of the great consequences that has come from the technology boom is an increase in golfing technology, and the extent of this can been seen in China’s golf. This has resulted in of the best golf rangefinders becoming available now.

This blog is dedicated to the weekend and twilight golfers looking for a cheap option that can help lower their scores. This is for the blue-collar golfers, the one’s who play twilight until it’s so dark they can’t see the ball the instant it comes off the club. If you have already personally invested into a golf GPS or laser, congratulations, you’re all good to go, have fun subtracting 10 strokes off your score. There is no doubt that the best golf GPS or laser rangefinder can help lower your score. However, if you are looking for cheaper options then look no further than your smartphone (I’m assuming you have one because it’s 2016). There are a bountiful of golf apps available for free download that will give you golf GPS on your smartphone. Most of these apps are relatively the same in their capabilities so today I will be highlighting the Golf Shot app that I personally use.


The great thing about the Golf Shot app is one, it’s free. But more importantly, it gives an accurate distance reading as to how far you are from the hole. Thousands of golf courses around the world have been pre-loaded onto the app, and for those wondering if their dinky little course in the middle of nowhere is on there, it most likely is. Playing cheap and lesser known courses has been my bread and butter since I was born and I haven’t run into an issue of a course not being on the app yet. The cool thing about the app is that you are able to keep your scores right in your pocket and it’s available at the touch of a finger. That’s what I like about these apps when compared to just the GPS. Yes, the laser GPS will give you a more accurate distance with less margin of error, however being able to keep track of your scores and how you scored will give you great insight to your golf game. With this app you are able to track how many times you three-putt, your up and down percentage, your percentage of GIR, percentage of fairways hit, etc. For golf nerds, like me, that enjoy analyzing stats and looking to see where they can improve, this is gold. I like it because I can then see where my game specifically needs work and also see where I’m doing well with statistics to back it up.

If you’re a golfer on a budget looking for a way to help improve your scores I would highly suggest checking out the Golf Shot app. You’ll have lower scores and less pencils rattling around in your golf bag because of it.


Established in 1919, Bel-Marc has been referred to as the best kept secret in Northern Illinois. A private club with a small town atmosphere and friendly people make it easy to meet new friends and enjoy the numerous activities offered during the year. Strictly a golf and social club, Bel-Marc offers club living that is affordable for everyone.

Bel-Marc maintains limited golfing memberships providing a great environment for families and individuals to enjoy affordable golf at their own pace. Tee times are readily available for members and their guests. Bel-Marc is ideal for golfers who are just taking up the game to get out without the pressure of a public course. Become a member this season and take advantage of unlimited golf at some of the best prices in Northern Illinois.

But the reason I love this golf club differs from the reason others may love it. I have been attending this golf club for years. It started with my grandfather when I was a child, as I shared his love with golf. Funnily enough, I was the one that convinced my father to get involved with golf. So when I started joining my grandfather on the golf course, my father joined us too. I guess we could have become a golf family.


I have some great memories of the golf club. There have been many people come and go during the years I have been attending it, but I have always seen the same respectful staff and the same atmosphere that I remember. Through the club I learnt more about other clubs too and formed some passionate opinions on golf today and the in the future.

Although my grandfather is gone now, I know I will continue to come to this club with my own children and grandchildren right into my old age. I think they know, and I know, that I will be a long term patron to the club. I owe it to them. Join the club today, and come meet me for a game!